Diet control and weight loss

Weight loss can be achieved by several ways. Choosing the right way is important as there are many factors which are to be taken into consideration. Foremost thing is that you should not get along the drugs for weight loss as that would bring along loads of side effects.


Choosing Diet control and Yoga would be a rather safer approach as these are natural therapies and do not produce any side effects. Practicing yoga along with diet control helps in achieving optimal weight loss as you would eat less and burn more calories.


To start with a proper diet control program you need to make a list of nutritional requirements and see that the diet which you take in complies with those requirements. Deficiency in nutrients again can lead to adverse effects which may again depend on the type of nutrient deficient in you. Another important strategy could be reducing fatty diets and curbing carbohydrates which help in achieving optimal weight loss. Moreover you can even take advice from your nutritionist about the diet that would best suit you for your goals.


Some of the DOs and DON’Ts:




  1. Before choosing any food item from a grocery store you should carefully read the nutritional facts. These would give you idea if that product would be right for you.
  2. Drinking water instead of calorie drinks could cut off some calories and also enhance your satiety.
  3. Prefer fruit juices over the sweetened drinks as fruits add fibers.




  1. Avoid eating junk and eat fruits and vegetables more instead. This would not only add fiber to your diet but also help to reduce cholesterol levels in your body.
  2. Having a regular and timely diet is important as this would keep your digestive mechanism steady in the body.
  3. Do not go for over diet control, cutting off your basic dietary requirements. This may lead to effects like muscle wastage.s
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