6 Waxing Facts You Should Know

Waxing, as a form of hair removal, is extremely popular and convenient way to remove hair from unwanted areas like the upper lip, eyebrows, armpits, legs, and bikini line – both for men and women.

Yes, it is absolutely true that waxing can be extremely painful. But it is also true that it gives you longer-lasting results than shaving or hair removal creams. Everyone probably knows the basics like keeping your skin hydrated, exfoliated and what else? It is cheaper than laser!


We’ve got 6 Waxing Facts India should know about waxing.

1.      Start Waxing Young

If you start in your teens or twenties (teens please consult your parents!) when your hair is more fine, it will be less painful.  But waxing can be for anyone at any age.

2.      The More You Wax the Less Painful it is

The more often you get yourself waxed, the less painful it will be. The reason is the hair thins over time. The reason waxing hurts so much in the first place is because it pulls the hair out from the root (and if that is not the case, it is not being done properly!) but again, that is also the reason it lasts for 3-4 weeks.

3.      Waxing is a Great Exfoliator

This an extra benefit. But you need to be sure to exfoliate afterwards as well.  This will prevent your pores getting clogged and any unsightly ingrown hairs.

4.      LADIES! Do not Wax During Your Period

This tip has just nothing to do with the salon being “grossed out” by you being on your period. It is solely for you and your own comfort! The skin is more sensitive during that week so the process will hurt more.

5.      Do not Ice Your Skin

You may have been told to ice your skin before a wax to numb the area. But it is a bad idea! A very bad one! Your pores will tighten and make it more painful to pull the hair follicle out.

6.      NEVER Apply Toner Beforehand

If you are waxing your eyebrows or your upper lip, do not apply toner to your face that morning. Prepping your skin in this way is similar to when you ice your skin. Toner tightens your pores, tightens their hold on your hair follicles which is not ideal for waxing.

Author: Tanya Mehla

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