Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

Every nation is incomplete without food and there is no food without a background. Like every nation, India too serves a wide variety of delicacies with a slice of history, a pinch of tradition, which is garnished with culture. The vast land of India known for its endless diversities serves a wide variety of cuisine owing to the different cultures and traditions that co-exist. Indian food is known for the use of spices and each spice that is used while cooking has health benefits besides adding taste, flavor and a subtle aroma that arouse the senses and increases the appetite. There are several facts related to Indian food that you should know and here are 15 interesting facts about Indian food :

Interesting Facts about Indian Food
1. Spices are integral part of Indian food: No matter which part of India you visit, the food of every place makes use of a variety of spices and it is an integral part of it. India is called the land of spices as it produces a wide variety of spices and every cuisine of the country makes use these spices, which not only leaves a subtle aroma but is also considered to have a lot of health benefits. Moreover, 70% of spices that are used in preparation of different cuisine across the globe come from this enchanting land.

2. Chicken Tikka Masala is not Indian food: The most popular Indian food Chicken Tikka Masala did not originate in India. This famous dish of the country originated in Glasgow, Scotland. This is indeed an interesting fact that most of us had did not know about. It is basically a European cuisine that gained popularity in our country.

3. Who do you think brought saffron to India? Saffron is an exotic spice that is used in Indian food. It is famous for its medicinal value as well as for its color and flavor, which is valued all over the world. It is extensively used in the kitchen of the Mughal rulers, which was serves in the royal table. However, most people do not know that this exotic Indian spice was brought to India by the Persian rulers around 500.B.C.

4. Indian food is not just vegetarian: Many people across the globe thinks that Indian food is completely vegetarian but this is not true. Although a majority of people in the country are vegetarians; however, there are meat-eaters in the country. Perhaps, chicken dishes are most popular in the country and fish is a popular food in the coastal cities. You can taste a variety of delectable non-vegetarian dishes across the country.

5. Indian cuisine is diverse: When we say Indian food, it is the food culture of different state of the country. Every region has its own unique style of preparing cuisine. Moreover, the ethnic groups have their own style of cooking and recipes, which are unique in their own way. In Northern part of the country roti is their staple food, whereas in Eastern and southern part of the country rice is their staple food and no meal is complete without rice.

6. Indian food is not about curry: Most people think that Indian food primarily consist of curry. However, this is not true. This is something which has been brought to this land by British-South Asian ethnic groups. The general notion about curry in other nation is thick gravy, made of spices and tomato puree. However, here it refers to a vegetarian side-dish, which is served with rice.

7. First Indian restaurant in America : Indian food is so popular across the globe for its unique taste that there are several Indian restaurants worldwide. The first Indian Restaurant in America was opened in the year 1960 and today, there are about 80,000 of them in the whole continent.

8. Indian food has 6 different flavors: Did you know the fact that Indian food has 6 different flavors? Yes, Ayurveda has identified 6 different flavors; sweet, sour, bitter, salty, astringent and spicy. A meal seems incomplete without each of these. However, in regular meals one or two of these flavors are exempted. So, when you visit this enchanting land of diversities have a complete meal that consists of all the 6 flavors.

9. Chutney is an integral part of Indian Food: Indian food is incomplete without chutney. It is a side-dish and it is served with almost every dish. Another interesting fact about it is that while the British ruled over the country, they loved the flavors so much so that they named one of the chutneys ‘Major Grey’s’, which is quite famous in the country.

10. Wazwan has influence of Central Asia: Wazwan, a Kashmiri Cuisine that identifies with the Kashmiri Muslim culture has a strong influence of Central Asia. It is a multi-course meal, which is famous throughout the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is a non-vegetarian meal made using chicken or lamb. It is a traditional Kashmiri culinary, which consist of 36 courses of which about 15 to 30 of them are meat preparations and is served in big restaurants and hotels across the country.

11. Indian Food system is classified into 3 categories: The food system of the country has been categorized into 3 types, namely Saatvik, Tamsik and Rajasik. Saatvik food is vegetarian food, juices and fruits that is believed to provide purity of thoughts along with conferring higher state of consciousness; Tamsik food generally consist of meat, fish, egg and alcohol, which is prepared using a lot of spices that brings about a lot of negative feelings and Rajasik food is those food which is primarily spicy and oily that helps in remaining active. This type of food was earlier served in the royal dining.

12. Potato, tomato and chilli were brought by Portuguese: When the Portuguese came to the country, they brought potatoes, tomatoes and chillies. These are integral ingredients of the various cuisine of the country, which was introduced by the Portuguese who ruled in several parts of the country.

13. Portuguese introduced refined sugar: Although sugar cane is grown in the country, which is the source of sugar that we use today, Indians were unaware of its use until the Portuguese introduced us to the refined sugar. Earlier, honey and fruits were used as sweeteners in the food of this vast land.

14. Sweet dish is an important part of Indian cuisine: In this land of rich culture and traditions, sweet dish forms an important part of every cuisine. Without sweet-dishes meals remain incomplete and here you will find a variety of sweet-dishes. Special occasions like weddings or other festivities, the celebrations remain incomplete. Payasam is a popular sweet dish of South India and until it is served a wedding in this part of the country is not over.

15. Indian food has its roots in the Indus Valley civilization: When the entire World was covered with dense forests and people led a nomadic life, India was the only land where civilization took place. Indus Valley Civilization that dates back to 3000 years was the first civilization of the World and the food system of India has its roots engraved in it. Vegetables were the integral part of it and even today, it forms the major part of the present food system of the country.

16. Breakfast is an important meal of the day: In India, breakfast is an important meal for Indians just like the Americans. In Northern part of the country, roti or parathas, which are types of Indian bread accompanied by vegetables, pickle and curd, are ate for breakfast. Whereas in South, dosa with chutney or idly with sambar are ate. Along with these as beverages like tea or coffee are taken.

17. Indian food is famous all over: Indian food is popular worldwide and has a great influence in the cuisine of the neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and also China. Indian’s traveling to foreign countries will never miss their native food owing to its immense popularity.

18. Indian food has innumerable health benefits: The food of India, which is diverse, has innumerable health benefits. Roti, a popular Indian bread is a major source of carbohydrate that gives energy to the body. Lentsil provides about 30% calorie and is a good source of protein, fiber, vitamin B1 as well as iron and minerals. Red chillies that are used in several dishes across the country have several beneficial properties. It is anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial, analgesic and anti-carcinogenic. Moreover, it is also a rich source of different vitamins and phytonutrients. Paneer and Curd, which are made of milk, are major source of calcium.

19. Naan did not originate in India: Naan is a popular type of bread, which is accompanied by gravy dish, did not originate in India. It is a Persian cuisine that was introduced in the country during the rule of the Mughals. However, it is a now part of the Indian cuisine, especially in North India.

20. Rajmah Chawal is the staple food in Mexico: The popular North Indian dish Rajmah (kidney beans) with rice, known as Rajmah Chawal has its origin in Mexico. Indian’s love Rajmah chawal and can fight over the fact where the best quality Rajmah is produced. But, hardly anyone knew that kidney beans were never grown in India and it was brought to our country from Mexico. This famous North-Indian dish is the staple food of Mexico.

These are just a few facts about Indian food, but there are even more facts that are really interesting and worth knowing. Last but not the least, Indian food also consist of a lot of junk food like America but ours much healthier than theirs. Samosa, Kachori, vada pav, chat, etc. is some of the popular junk food that is found in the streets of our country, which is worth tasting.

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