Param Vir Chakra (PVC ) Major Rama Raghoba Rane

Major Rama Raghoba Rane, the third receiver of the Param Vir Chakra was born on 26th June 1918 at Chendia, Karwar, Karnataka, India. He was awarded with the Param Vir Chakra for his eminence, wisest and bravest actions in the Jammu and Kashmir operations in 1947 and particularly during the advance to Rajauri. He was a perseverant and immensely a hard-worker who constantly worked hard in order to provide assistance to the Indian troops in order to progress. Rama Raghoba Rane was commissioned in the Corps of Engineers on 15th December 1947 and he got retired as the Major from the Indian Army in the year 1968. Five Mentioned-in-dispatches were accredited to Rane during his twenty one years of his service in the Indian Army. His great deeds would always be remembered for the people of the country and in fact, it is an honor for the people of Karwar to have a native like Rane. There has been a statue of Rane; built and erected in Karwar as a symbol of remembrance and honor. Rama Raghoba Rane died on July 11 in 1994.

Military Life and the Context of Rajauri

On March 18 1948, after recapturing Jhanagar the Indian troops of Major Aatmasingh were heading towards the Rajauri in order to protect the natives from the barbarity of the intruders. But before they could reach there the enemy had already destroyed the National Highway between Rajauri and Punj. Now the troops planned an advance from Naushahra to Rajauri. Barwali ridge that was 11km north of Naushahra was also captured by the Indian troops and they threw out the enemy from there. In their progression beyond Barwali there were many roadblocks and minefields that were interrupting the progress of the battalion. On April 8 1948, Major Rama Raghoba Rane was delegated the responsibility and the charge of clearing the roadblocks and minefields at Mile 26 on the Naushahra-Rajauri road.

Major Rane along with his section of 37 the Assault Field Company attached to 4 Dogra began the clearing work at a minefield. This whole process of clearing the mine was being commenced under the mortar firing from the enemy’s side in which two sappers died and five other crew members including Rane himself got badly injured. Rane and his members somehow managed to push forward the tanks by the evening, but the enemy still did not clear the road ahead. It was certainly a crucial situation for 2nd Lieutenant Rane, but he continued to give his best, even in the night time he along with his men continued to clear the road in order to make a safe lane for the tanks. On the next day, April 9th 1948 Rane and his men worked persistently for 12 hours to clear the minefields and roadblocks. Mortar firing was still on from the enemy’s side, but 2nd Lieutenant Rane did not give up and bravely faced this horrendous situation and continued his work with full determination.

On the early morning of April 10th 1948 Lieutenant Rane again pursued his work to remove the roadblocks, this time he and his men succeeded to clear up huge roadblocks, including five big pine trees within two hours and that too under heavy machine-gun firing done by the enemy. This was a good achievement for 2nd Lieutenant Rane and his crew members because now they had cleared up another 13 kms on the same day. Now they had a major road block that was surrounded by the adjoining hills and where the enemy panels were settled. 2nd Lieutenant Rane acted lionhearted and decided to clear up this roadblock all alone. He drove a tank near to that block and blasted it with mines and he was successful to advance the road before the night of that day.

On April 11th Rane worked for a complete 17 hours to open up the roads heading to Chingas and other. The enemy’s panel proceeded with armored columns, but 2nd Lieutenant Rane continued the clearing work for the administrative column and helping the Indian troops to advance on Rajauri. The enemy had to face a big loss; they lost their 500 men and had many more casualties. It was the courageous and brilliant Rama Raghoba Rane, who earnestly worked to accomplish his mission that was delegated to him. The dauntless and audacious endeavors of Rane made him a deserving recipient of the Param Vir Chakra.

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