Param Vir Chakra (PVC ) Major Hoshiar Singh dahiya

Major Hoshiar Singh dahiya was born on May 5th 1937 in the village called Sinsana situated in Sonipat District, Haryana. His father’s name was Choudhary Hira Singh and mother was Mathuri Devi. His parents were kind-hearted and respectable in their Sonipat District. Col. Hoshiar Singh got married at a very early age when he was studying in the 7th standard. His wife’s name was Smt Dhanno. Hoshiar Singh had three sons in the future. After completing his schooling and one year study at the Jat College, Rohtak, Hoshiar Singh finally joined the Indian Army as a solider on June 30th 1963. He was initially commissioned as an Officer in the Grenadiers Regiment. And before his retirement from the Indian Army he was promoted to the rank of Colonel.

Major Hoshiar Singh’s first assignment was given in NEFA as an officer. He had looked after the Rajasthan sector in the Indo-Pak war of 1965 and again in the Indo-Pak War 1971 because of his gallantry actions he was honoured with the highest military award; the Param Vir Chakra on December 17th 1971. Hoshiar Singh dahiya had a great rapport with his battalion and crew members, he had been with his crew men for a long period of time that made him much amiable and respectable among them and moreover Major dahiya was a man of values and good habits which was actually the secret to his goodwill among others. He died of natural causes of death on December 6th 1998.

Indo-Pak War 1971

That was December 15th 1971 when a battalion of the Grenadiers was given the task of establishing a bridgehead across the Basantar River in the Shakargarh Sector. At that time Major Hoshiar Singh was commanding the left forward company and he were ordered to grab the enemy domain of Jarpal. This was actually overwhelmed by the enemy where they were well-positioned. During the advance, Major Hoshiar Singh and his company had to face an intense shelling and forceful crossfire coming right from the machine guns of the enemy. But dauntlessly, Major Singh continued the charge and finally accomplished the objective after a horrendous hand-to hand fight.

The enemy was nonetheless weak, on December 16th 1971 they again put in fierce three counterattacks backed up by armour. Major Hoshiar Singh was fearless and without bothering about the heavy shelling and tank fire, he went to each gorge, and motivated his men to not to abandon and to bash up the enemy. Immensely moved by the determination and leadership qualities of Major Hoshiar Singh his company faced all the heavy causalities with a carefree attitude. But the enemy was again not ready to step back thus again, on 17 December 1971 they pursued another attack with a battalion embraced by heavy artillery fire.

Major Hoshiar Singh got seriously injured but he was unmindful of all his wounds he again went to the trench where one of his crew men got severely injured from the shell coming from the enemy. He moved in the open without having thought of his personal safety. Major Hoshiar Singh used his intelligence and realized the need and effect of machine-gun fire, thus he immediately rushed to the machine-gun abyss. However he was himself seriously injured but he managed to guard the gun and wreaked heavy causalities to the enemies. At this moment he displayed his most conspicuous gallantry and invincible spirit.

The battle and the attack was successfully resisted and left the enemy with their 85 dead men including their Commanding Officer and three other officers. Though seriously wounded, Major Hoshiar Singh displayed his grim determination till the ceasefire. The faithfulness and valour of Major Hoshiar Singh had set remarkable memories in the tradition of the Indian Army and that is also that made him honoured with highest wartime gallantry medal of India, the Param Vir Chakra.

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