Param Vir Chakra (PVC ) Major Dhan Singh Thapa

Dhan Singh Thapa was born on June 10th 1928 to P.S Thapa in Nepali family at Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. He was commmissioned in the 1st Battallion of 8th Gorkha Rifles on August 28th 1949. Dhan Singh Thapa was the seventh recipient of the Param Vir Chakra for his gallantry action in the Sino-Indian War. He was commanding one of the outpost named Sirijap-1 controlled by a squad of ‘C’ Company to protect the Sirijap valley from any Chinese encroachment. Major Thapa retired as the Lieutenant-Colonel from the Indian Army and died at the age of 77 years on September 6th 2005.

Attack of Sirijap-1 Post, Sirijap Valley

It was October 20th 1962, at 6 am in the early morning when the Chinese began an intense shelling of mortar and artilleries over the Sirijap-1 Post. It continued for around next two and a half hours. It seemed to be a strategic appraoch of the Chinese in which they tried to terminate all the chances of escapea and communication for the defenders. The wireless set and command post got damaged. And it strengthened the intentions of the Chinese to re-attack over the post for the second time and this time they were higher in numbers.

Major Thapa was commanding the post and he along with his men had to fight back hard that however resulted into many causalities but they succeeded in resisting the enemy’s attack. The unmindful enemy now attacked with more number of men and increased the mortar and artillery firing. With great courage and firmed determination Major Dhan Singh Thapa again managed to overcome the second attack from the Chinese. Now it was the third time from the Chinese when they attacked with the support of tanks along with the infantry men. In this attack the guardians with Major Thapa were totally exhausted and wounded, there were many casualities in and around the post but having a leader like Major Thapa was a great booster for the men to continue the battle till their last breathe. Chinese unfortunately were able to overpower the post by now but still at this last moment Major Dhan Singh Thapa did not loose hope rather he jumped out of the trench and bayeonated many of the Chinese intruders. He was finally captured by the Chinese.

It was believed that Major Dhan Singh Thapa had been killed by the intruders who captured him but sooner it was revelad that he had been prisoned. Later on he eventually got released from the prison from the POW camp and he again proceeded his military career in the Indian Army. He was indeed a great fighter of the country who showed bravery and determination in the battle for which he was honoured with the Param Vir Chakra.

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