Indian Classical Dance being recognized globally

Dancing is an act which liberates energy. It is the very existence of spiritual form of human being. Dance and India, are both connected from time immemorial. More so our own classical dances such as Bharatanatyam and Kathak have reached new heights internationally. These forms of dances have nothing angular or sharp about them. In fact it’s all graceful, curvaceous and well-co-ordinated. Co-ordination with music, co-ordination of feet, hands, eyes and head and co-ordination of rhythm makes Indian Classical Dance spectacular to watch. Lately, movement of Indians across the globe and their recognition as fastest growing economic power has aroused a lot of interest in Indian culture. People all over the world are inquisitive and enthusiastic about Indian culture, cuisine, dance, art and music.

Growing number of Indians across the world remain in touch with their roots. Especially when it comes down to children global Indians want to teach their children whatever they would have learnt staying in India. Bharatanatyam is performed in ISKON temples which is another way of praying. Recently, there are more foreigners than Indians who are ISKON members and their acceptance have helped spread it on international stages as a result recognition and popularity is bound to happen. It’s not surprising to find Indian classical dance classes in almost any city abroad. The grace, the chants, the pose, the movement and the facial expressions allures one and all. These dance forms were part and parcel of ancient India. In fact these forms of dances are said to be performed by Indian Gods.

Economic boom and globalization has resulted in healthy exchange of Indian culture with their western counterparts. It’s not only dance but the other extravaganza that goes with it raises a lot of interests. The colourful silken clothes which are worn as traditional attire are very different from what the world is used to. Something so ancient yet new to the people all around the world receives a heart-warming welcome. Musical instruments that go with these dances match them to a Tee. Music and dance goes hand in hand. Old classical bhajans and mantra-chanting have positive effects which is well-perceived by the world now. Yoga and meditation helps in concentration; this has been proved and accepted everywhere. Ayurvedic medicines work wonders in some cases and have no side-effects. When Indians left their shores, they made it a point that they take all these and more with them.

The purity and positivity impacted the people all around the world. Only after they had tried and tested did they realize its significance. Soothing music accompanied by bejewelled dancers in magnificent attires with their colored hands and feet moving in perfection has such a positive impact that experiencing it becomes quintessential. The other factor is that when tourists come over they experience Indian culture and attend Indian classical dance shows. Not only Bharatnatyam and Kathak but other forms like Kuchipudi, kathkali and Orissi dances are getting recognition which was unheard of in recent past. All one can say is this is just a beginning and Indian classical dances have way to go.

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