Tablets in India

Top 10 tablets in India Priced under Rs 15,000

Tablets are gaining popularity in India due to absolute user friendliness , perhaps it has become the most viable and cheaper option between a Smartphone and a laptop. Tablet is not only portable…


Technology Impacting the Family and Social Relationships

The human civilization has covered a long way of evolution. Since ages the human race has been evolving and trying to catch up the pace of fast running time. During this, the human…


Launch of 4G in India: New chapter in IT revolution

The trend of storing and sharing data has changed rapidly since last 10 years. With introduction of World Wide Web and information technology revolution our lives have grown up to be more impatient….


Technological advancements in India

India is growing and one of the factors contributing to its growth is technology. Every time there was a revolution, mankind has benefited. This time we can call it a technological revolution. With…

Study of Accelerating Expansion of the Universe Wins Nobel Prize 2011

Three US born scientists shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for their astounding discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through constant observation of the exploding starts. They have overturned the…


Technology Helping India To Emerge As a Developed Country

India has shown great improvement in fields like pharmaceuticals, space technology, telecom industry, IT and so on, considering the limited resources India had done extremely good. India had become a global software cum…

Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901

Priced at a nominal range, this device takes full control of the Home theater PCs, which is the most ‘happening’ technological advancement this year. Having opted for a device like a HTPC, it…


Apple Macbook Air 11 inches Review

The most interesting launch of apple to date is Apple Macbook Air 11 Inch. Apple didn’t enter into net book game till now, and as an alternative it gives MacBook Air, a thin…


3G Technology in India

3G Technology: With the advent of more competitive communication channels, organizations have started expecting improved bandwidth, clarity of digital signals and enhance voice quality. Thankfully, 3G technology has incepted with the answer. 3G…


LED TV Technology in India

The latest buzz in the domain of television industry is the LED technology. Any individual when goes to buy a television set these days would definitely be talked into buying an LED TV….

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