Commodification of women

Commodification of women in Indian Movies

Commodify women and you get your money is what the movie industry has been at belief in India for decades. The changing moral code as what they call is always initiated by the…


Water Problem in India and How to Solve it

We live in a society of many contrasts. Ours is a largest democracy and majority sections of our society are unfed and are deprived of basic privileges like fresh drinking water. Successive governments…

India Rotting Grain

Solutions to prevent rotting food grains in India

India is a perfect example of riches with poverty prevailing for the want of determination. Ignorance and inaction have been causing our county a great deal of discomfort as we are kept in…

Social revolution in India

Need for a Social Revolution in India

It comes as no big surprise to me to learn that many in the country, (especially the youth and the common man) feel that there is a need for a social revolt. In…

Communal Harmony in India

Need to Bring a Spiritual Revolution in India

Spirituality is not a concept; it is rather a reality and an art of living. It is the fundamental knowledge of the eternal truth. It is the eternal knowledge of Being and the…


Juvenile crimes on the rise in India

About three years ago I was drawn to an article published in Outlook under the heading Yukkies. The detailed article highlighted the reasons for the increase in crime in number of young urban…


Stop Violence Against Women

Perhaps there is no end to the struggle and the hurdles for women. Women have been subjected to so many turmoil and struggle since ages. Basically the patriarchal framework of the Indian society…

Society - Why Rape Cases are Increasing in India ?

Rapes in India and Role of society in Rape Prevention

Rape is a forced sexual assault that primarily involves sexual intercourse by one or more than one person without the consent of the victim. The victim of this long established assault, have always…


Is HONESTY a far cry in today’s world?

Jacques Derrida, French philosopher, talks of words like the present one honesty, as basically being only graphemes and phonemes, empty signifiers that have no meaning except by common cultural and social consent, which…


Literacy and women in india

Literacy is a state or condition which depicts that how many people of the society and the country are educated. It is an essential feature for a nation to grow and to be…

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