Education in India

Let’s all be human first and not men and women !

“Women Empowerment”, the very topic has been discussed so much in almost every forum and every possible live event that it seems a challenge to write something new and relevant on it.Hence, it’s…

Indian Society

The Broken Thread of Indian society

Do you remember the scene from the Hindi Movie “Paa” where the young politician Amol Arte (Abhishek Bachchan) comes to Auro’s (Amitabh Bachchan) school as a Chief Guest. He comes on the occasion…

Dark is Beautiful

If Fair is Lovely, Dark Is Beautiful!

We all are different and unique in terms of the attributes which we possess both physical and psychological. And when we all are different, comparisons of any kind cannot be made between each…

Aging Parents

Living with the Aging Parents in the Indian Families

Indian families are the symbol of compassion, affection and kindness. For ages Indian families have been recognized for their continuity, perseverance and adaptability. The members of an Indian family are bind together with…


Role of Family in the Juvenile Crimes in the Indian Society

Juvenile crime is a public issue which affects the society as a whole. Or the large part of the society. The maximum age today for juvenile crimes according to the Juvenile Justice Act…


Education for a Sustainable Society

Education is an interim part of the social system. In fact, it is one of the basic activities of the people in all human societies. The continued existence of societies depends upon the…


Challenges Faced by Working Women in India

She is a symbol of power, she stands out in hundreds, she possesses all the divine virtues and she is considered to be the most beautiful creations of God;She is a Woman! It is…

Civic Sense in India

Civic Sense in India

Before I pen down my thoughts on civic sense and its importance, let me refer to article 51 (a) of our constitution which as we know are called the fundamental duties of the…

Social Issues of India

Social Issues of India

A society is the foundation of a country and it represents the people residing in it, it works to bring together the widely spread population under a one roof. It facilitates patterns, cultures,…


Tradition of Tolerance: What Women Want

“God’s will” are the words of a mother who gave birth to twin girls. She has a Ph.D. and talks in English. Do not judge her yet. She follows the declaration with how…

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