Celebrity in Indian Politics

are Indian Celebrities Capable of Influencing the People’s Choice in elections?

The word ‘politics’ is however not been so much praised and liked in the Indian scenario, but ask those who want to be a part of it, sooner or later in their lives,…

EVM vs Ballot Paper

EVM vs Ballot paper – Should India bring back Ballot paper system for Elections in 2014 ?

India possesses the biggest democracy in the world and the most powerful weapon the Indian people have; is their power to Vote. Election in India is the righteous time to make the best…


Aam Aadmi Party : What Lays Ahead?

26th November 2012 , Arvind Kejriwal a name that is pronounced at almost every news channel every third hour, announced a revolution, a revolution that required a lot of courage, strength and a…

Arvind Kejriwal

Is Arvind Kejriwal an Aam Aadmi?

Arvind Kejriwal is, presently, the most famous anti-corruption social activist in India, along with or maybe after Anna Hazare. ‘Born on 16th August 1968 he was an Indian Revenue Service official before joining…


Arvind Kejriwal and Indian Politics

Robert Vadra , Salman Khurshid , Nitin Gadkari , Mukesh Ambani & Anil Ambani. The domain & range of targets of this vibrant IITian Ex-IRS Officer makes me wonder, if he is an…


Indian Politics and its Democratic Promises

India, the world’s largest democracy is a nation that has diversified colors with a population of more than a billion. It has the longest written constitution and more exhaustive amid all written constitution…

Women Reservation Bill and Politics

Times gone by does not recur again is obvious and nearly everyone is most likely to believe it devoid of doubt. However, at this time we observed history being recurring every year in…

States Elections 2012

Elections in 5 states: an Overview

Elections are said to be the festivals of democracy, where all of us celebrate our right to vote and choose our own ruler. Every time there is an election, graph of political activities…

Anna Hazare

The Anna Hazare movement and its impact on Indian politics

Even a year ago, none in India could have dreamt of powerful politicians, senior government officials, cabinet ministers and company CEOs will be in jail today, standing trial for corruption. Credit for this…

Anna Hazarefighting to make India a Corruption Free Nation

Can Lokpal make India a Corruption Free Nation ?

The combat of passing of the Jan Lokpal Bill still continues. The bill was first drafted and introduced by Shanti Bhushan in 1968 and passed by the 4th Lok Sabha in 1969. But…

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