Gaining Weight

5 Strange Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

A lot of people think it’s the lifestyle changes that make them gain weight.  But sometimes it’s the body reacting to certain factors which we usually ignore as the reasons for weight gain….

Grey Hair

Does Plucking of Grey Hair Make More to Grow Back?

When you find a grey hair you want to get rid of, you usually think of plucking it. The myth is that it is smarter to leave it because if you pluck it,…

Top 5 Tips on How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone wants to stay fit. We all look for different ways which can lead us to a better and a healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 basic and best tips to live a health…

Indian Fashion Going Global

Indian Fashion going global

Indian fashion is truly going global with its roots intact to its ethnic style. In the twenty first century , India is no where lagging behind in the different ethnic contemporary styles. Wherever…


Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

Ipomea batatas also known as Sweet potato is one of the oldest known vegetables to humans. It is cultivated in almost every country as it is adaptable to almost any temperature except for…

Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle:   Health and lifestyle are very much interconnected and share a common bondage. Leading a healthy lifestyle means being both physically and mentally healthy. There are few factors that are…

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