Economic Policies of Narendra Modi Government

Narendra Modi’s Impressive Economic Policies for India

Under the leadership of India’s one of the most popular Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the country’s economic growth story has been most interesting. After his unprecedented win in the last Lok Sabha elections,…


Role of NGOs in Nation building

The term ‘NGO’ stands for the ‘Non-Governmental Organization’ that refers to a structure that works to fill the gaps in the functions of the Government; for the welfare of the people of the…


Need for Urbanization and Infrastructure Development in India

Urbanization is basically a developmental process which involves a rapid growth of cities in a country. City is the central figure in this process and it refers to the urban civilisation.  A city…

Privatization in India

Privatization in India

With the onset of economic liberalization in India, competition is rising among every sector and privatization have made a huge impact on it. Now you must be thinking on what privatization exactly means….

Economic Crisis

Taming the Global Economic Crisis: The need of the hour

The whole World is going through economic crisis and every nation is suffering from the fierceness of slowdown of World economy. The Global economic crisis has a serious impact on the economy of…


Making India a Consumers’ Mecca – Dreams Vs Reality of FDI

‘On 14 September 2012, Government of India allowed FDI in aviation up to 49%, in the broadcast sector up to 74%, in multi-brand retail up to 51% and in single-brand retail up to…


Reasons For Inflation In India

Inflation is a hike in universal echelon of price of goods and services in an economy over an epoch of time. As soon as the universal price intensity mounts, every entity of exchange…

A Comprehensive Study on FDI in Retail

The retail business in India congregated a new-fangled impetus by instituting various global brand vents, frenzied or super markets, shopping malls and departmental stores. It is an area which is on the brink…


The Story of Petrol Price Hike in India

“Who will reach the century quicker…..Tendulkar stranded on 99 centuries or the petrol price?” The escalating demands of the emergent population inIndia, the need for communication and haulage has also ascended enormously. In…


“Corporate Social Responsibility”, desires no overture as the name itself hint upon the gist. It is an antediluvian conception which the new-fangled entrepreneurs around the globe have avowed their credence upon it.  Corporate…

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