Indian Culture
Indian Culture

Indian Culture , Arts and Traditions

The vast and the mystic land of India is perhaps the only nation in the World that presents a ingenious explode of cultures, languages, religions and races. Each and every aspect of the…

Weddings in India

Indian Marriages – Weddings in India

Marriage is one of the universal social institutions. It is established by the human society to control and regulate the sex life of man. Marriage is one of the deepest and most complex…

Indian classical Dance

Indian Dance Forms – Classical , Folk and Tribal

Dance in a simple lay man’s language is an expression of the inner feelings and emotions. Dance can convey the innermost feelings and emotions through the medium of physical postures, gestures and expressions….

Indian Food

Indian Food – Cuisine of India

India is a land of vivid cultures and each of them is full of variety and uniqueness. Among the various cultures one of the most prevalent and unique culture of India is the…

holi Festival colors

Holi: The Festival of Colours

Celebrations and festivals add color to life and the festival of colors, holy is never an exception. Moreover it represents the triumph of virtue over the vice. This is a religious festival of…


Indian Classical Dance being recognized globally

Dancing is an act which liberates energy. It is the very existence of spiritual form of human being. Dance and India, are both connected from time immemorial. More so our own classical dances…


India and Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism in India has been a way of living for centuries. India seems to be the only country where one can find most of the vegetarians around the world. Inspite of fact that…

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