India Work Smarter AND Harder

‘Dude, it’s time to work smart NOT Hard!’ How long we have been hearing this statement from almost everyone around (SAVE the Grandparents,) , from even those who are below average themselves, everyone…


India and IT Engineers

“1980s Throw a Stone and it will hit a teacher’s house, 2000s Throw a stone and it will break the window of an Engineer’s Flat.“ One of the classic joke popular in the…

Common Admission Test

CAT not the end of your MBA dreams

Today MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is thought to be one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees of the world. Everyone seeks to get this degree of post graduation (from…

Career in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The healthcare system in India is evolving to meet the challenges posed by the growing population. The profession of pharmacy offers unparalleled opportunities to develop professional skills which could be put to practical…

Engineering in India

Scooping engineering as Career

AIEEE and IIT entrance are the fundamentals one needs to focus on when you opt for engineering as your career. But cracking either of the two above mentioned entrance is not everyone’s cup…


Know-How Job Ready Are You?

The workforce in India is increasing as the numbers of companies also continue to increase. In comparison to the countries like Germany and Japan which have 75% skilled workforce, and South-East Asia which…

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