Volkswagen Beetle 2014 Car Review

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most popular and history-rich car brands in the world, and is loved by people of all age groups and regions. This model had been a revelation of sorts when it was introduced to the world in 1938. Affectionately called as the ‘Volkswagen Bug’, the Beetle has created its own place in the hearts of automobile admirers across the globe. The latest generation Beetle model is just as fantastic as the beloved Bug and carries forward the legacy brilliantly.The Volkswagen Beetle has been called many names like cute, girly, pint-sized, overpriced and comical, but this is one model that actually paved the way for blueprint of success for the German auto maker. In India, the Beetle is available with a 2.0 liter petrol engine and is pitched in the imported premium car category. Likewise, it competes against other luxury models like BMW 1 Series, MINI Cooper and Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Its over-the-top price tag has been criticized by the industry experts and fans in the same tone. But besides everything being said around it, the Volkswagen Bug remains every automobile aficionado’s delight!

Volkswagen has completely redesigned the latest Beetle and yet, you could identify it from any corner or angle possible. This luxury hatchback looks ultra modish and has an incredible presence on the road. It’s a definite head turner and I’m sure that all eyes on the road will stay fixed on it, if you take it out for a city spin. The curves are beyond description and the car sits perfectly on road, just like a lady bug does on a leaf or a stalk! The design is simple and still extremely effective in projecting class and luxury. The front fascia contains big round headlamps on extreme sides of the bumpers with a big Volkswagen emblem on the middle. The rear end design complements the front and actually looks exactly like it. (Yes!), just substitute the headlamps with big round red tail lights.

Don’t get fooled by Beetle’s cute looks and humble overall attitude, the car packs a highly regarded petrol motor under its hood. This pint-sized 2.0 liter petrol power-mill is rated close to 114 bhp output power and 172 Nm peak torque, which are decent numbers for any hatchback. I personally feel that Beetle is not about high speed or acceleration and instead, it is about sheer driving pleasure and celebrates the evolution of automobiles. The car is a pleasure to drive with the automatic Tiptronic transmission, and combined with great stability and control, Beetle ticked all boxes in my book. Further, expect no big speed jumps and acceleration boosts with this engine. It serves ok in that regard, so those looking for some real adrenaline rush should leave Beetle alone and look for other options.

The Beetle’s overpriced tag isn’t just for its legacy and namesake. The car has a beautiful design, decent engine and an intricate job in its interior setting. The seats are plush and speak volumes for the car’s comfort quotient, besides one cannot help but notice the nice legroom and headroom space. Further, there are all sorts of gadgets and electrical inside the cabin, which are more than capable of justifying the car’s premium price tag. I really admired Beetle’s soundproofing and interior finish, since it felt both luxurious and whimsical at the same time. This luxury hatchback is definitely at par with the A-Class and MINI Cooper in terms of premium character and performance on road.

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