Swift DZire 2014 Car Review

Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire has been a top performer in the compact sedan segment for more than two years now, and is still luring more and more Indian buyers. This sedan was introduced as a new segment of compact cars and actually paved the way for many recent models like Honda Amaze and Chevy Sail. DZire has been revamped twice by Maruti so far, with the latest changes having taken place in 2011. Let’s just take at the things which have made this model so successful among Indian drivers.
First impressions of Swift DZire would suggest that it is just an extended version of its hatchback sibling, which is undeniably true. However, differences emerge significantly when one drives this compact sedan. I will discuss the driving dynamics and performance later in this review, and for the time being let’s focus on the initial impression. DZire has a high stance, looks taut on road and strikes one with a rather conspicuous confidence. The boot is barely existent, which was somehow disappointing for me and made me wonder what exactly Maruti engineers were thinking while designing this model. However, the doubts faded away just about as quickly as they came in my mind, right when I considered the price and segment placement of DZire!
The exterior persona of DZire didn’t excite me as such and seemed quite strange at some areas. For instance, the bonnet steel felt light suggesting cost cutting and the bumper quality felt just about average. However, the insides tell a fairly different story. Sitting inside the cockpit changed the way I felt about this model, and this happened even before I had turned on the ignition! The driver seat was comfortable, road and side view seemed fantastic and right for a guy of my height (which is not much, 170 cm just shadow above the average Indian men height), which somehow explains the popularity of this model among us. Legroom and headroom is adequate in the front row, but rear section was a disappointment in this regard.
Let’s move to what happened when I turned on the ignition. The DZire was a petrol model and I decided it to take on a city-highway spin. The 1.2 litre K-Series power plant is both calm and composed; the ideal mix for a small family vehicle but it kind of amazed me with its power burst as I pressed on the throttle. The car zooms to 80 kmph from sitting idle within a relatively small time as compared to Amaze, and this is only my opinion. Cutting corners is quite easy while sitting behind the DZire wheel and I hardly noticed that the car I was driving was a sedan and not a hatch! The city ride was nothing but easy and the car got pretty warmed up for its real road test- on the Yamuna Expressway!
DZire has been equipped with a decent engine that is capable for a little driving fun. Once we reached the highway, the engine sound became more sincere and overall driving experience felt a lot more relaxed. The car touched 120-30 kmph easily and remained solid on the tarmac even when I was overtaking the slower things on road. The gear shifts are alright if not great, but Swift DZire’s steering wheel is a real pleasure and felt incredibly smoother than most other expensive sedans. In all fairness, the compact sedan proved its mettle for me on the highway. Further to be noted, the engine makes noticeable sounds only when pushed for more juice from its pistons, and Maruti has done a more than decent jobs in Swift DZire’s braking system.
•    Efficient engine
•    Stylish interiors
•    Value for money
•    Poor boot space
•    Small tyres and rims
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