Skoda Superb Car Review

Skoda Superb is one of the most respected names in the luxury saloon segment and remains a favourite among the high-heeled buyers. Stunning looks, limousine like dimensions, meaty power-mill performance and unparalleled interior space are some of the best things about this excellence personified vehicle. Superb has carved its niche in market on the back of its amazing pricing and segment positioning. I had the pleasure of getting behind its wheel and I witnessed just what were the things that make this Skoda brilliant and superb!Superb has been designed as a true masterpiece of cutting-edge automobile craft, which got more convincing as I became familiar with its nature. Like most other models in the luxury sedan segment like Honda Accord and Nissan Teana, Superb boasts of top-of-the-line refinements in engine performance, build quality and luxurious interior finishing, with the only difference being from others is everything is completely true. By saying this I mean Skoda delivers what it promises with the Superb. The looks are unquestionably delightful and made me believe that Superb is definitely one of the most beautiful set of four-wheelers available on the Indian turf.

It became clear right at the outset that Skoda engineers wanted to create a vehicle that looks like limousine, feels like a limousine and drives like a limousine, except isn’t priced like a limousine. Let’s take an example of Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which is considerably pricier and actually shorter in length than Superb. Even though C-Class has a peppier engine and performance, it feels inferior to Superb in terms of comfort, luxury and overall driving experience. Both these cars are usually chauffeur driven and owned by wealthy businessmen and CEOs. So why would those owners care about the top speed, power-torque equation, maintenance and engine performance? They would be more concerned about their ride experience, premium looks and reliability of the vehicle. Hence, it is this area and segment of car buyers where Skoda and its Superb triumph with aplomb.

Speaking of Skoda Superb’s under-the-hood nature, the 1.8 liter TSI power plant revels in glory and pumps out some exemplary performance figures in both city and highway traffic situations. The stylish saloon is incredibly fun to drive, but personally I wanted to sit in the rear section and enjoy watching this car owning the highway like a pro. One of the many things that caught my attention was the sense of security one gets while riding a car this big at over 100 kmph. Skoda Superb is exceptionally strong and stable on road; the suspension design is perfect and responsiveness of the 1.8 liter TSI is just impeccable in nature. Further, the manual gearbox is so smooth that it was difficult to refrain from shifting to higher gears and pressing down the accelerator. The engine felt quiet and steady even when I pushed it for more punch. In all fairness, there was hardly any disappointment and full marks go to Skoda in this regard.

Superb’s interior design is also top draw and the acres of space left me spellbound. This saloon can accommodate 5 adults at ease and still there will be some space left. People who are over six feet could easily stretch their legs and back while sitting inside this engineering marvel, and this is something beyond exceptional. There are many lovely things about Superb, such as stunning electrical gadgets, intuitive interior space, soundproof design and breathtaking good looks. There isn’t much more one could ask for a luxury vehicle at this price point and luxury segment.


•    Extraordinary legroom and load space
•    Impeccable engine performance
•    Sporty ride feel

•    Maintenance
•    Expensive spares 

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