Hyundai Verna Fluidic Car Review

Hyundai Verna Fluidic is one of the best selling mid-size sedans in India, and is arguably the best looking as well. Bold design, exquisite curves, regal interiors and a power-packed engine are some of the character traits of Verna, which together reflect to just why it is so loved by us Indians. At present, both Hyundai and Volkswagen (with Vento) want to consolidate on the void felt for a high performance diesel model in the mid-size sedan segment. Since Honda City has led the petrol sedan sales charts for so long and has been an absentee in the diesel sedan line-up, much of the competition is between Verna and Vento (in diesel range).I have driven Verna Fluidic (both petrol and diesel) on multiple occasions in almost every traffic condition, and this would be my take on its looks, drive quality, performance and overall character.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic is an eye candy. It has been critically acclaimed for its European looks and sporty frame. This sedan carries itself so beautifully on road that it seems more premium and regal for its price point. So far the South Korean auto maker has revamped Verna twice in the Indian market. The latest model is blessed with the Hyundai Fluidic design language, and hence, sleek front fascia with aerodynamic moulding on the bonnet and front bumpers is very much evident.

The side profile has two prominent lines angled downwards, which complement the sportiness of the design. The windows somehow feel a little small, and I feel this has been done for better soundproofing of the cabin. The tailgate is just as fashionable as the front, and actually looks a lot like the previous generation Honda City Exi.

I have used a Hyundai Verna diesel myself, and I believe only Vento could be its real competitor in the market. Speaking of the engine, diesel Verna is powered by a 1.6 litre powertrain, which is not only powerful but also extremely refined. There is hardly any noticeable noise or unnecessary vibrations that are usually common for a diesel car. Verna is fun to drive on road; the steering is smooth as silk and the driver’s seating position felt really relaxing.

Shifting through gears is easy and this car picks up speed without any effort as one shift into higher gears. But at high speeds, handling Verna was somewhat peculiar while negotiating corners and shifting through lanes. I am saying this because I have driven Vento at similar speeds, and handling issues weren’t there. Verna gets swayed and there is definitely some amount of body roll while changing lanes at speeds greater than 150 kmph. Volkswagen Vento, in my opinion, is much more stable on road at high speeds, which combined with its excellent weight distribution makes one feel more secure and relaxed inside the cabin. I believe Verna just needs slightly getting used to.

Verna has been trimmed with a mesmerizing interior design and character that could give its competition a run for their money. The stylish sedan can seat five passengers comfortably, and has ample legroom, headroom and shoulder-room. The legroom isn’t as much as the Honda City offers, but is tolerable considering Verna’s shorter length and wheelbase. The interior finishing is aesthetic and plush, while the fabric and carpeting work are decent. The gadgets, interior lighting and the charging points are placed appropriately and one doesn’t need to bend much in order to reach them.

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