Know-How Job Ready Are You?

The workforce in India is increasing as the numbers of companies also continue to increase. In comparison to the countries like Germany and Japan which have 75% skilled workforce, and South-East Asia which has 85% skilled workforce, India has only 5% skilled workforce. But the numbers of job seekers seem to pretty high when compared to the figures of skilled workforce.

In such a case, hiring the suitable candidates who would fit into the job rightly does not alone remain the criteria to the companies these days. The company has to look into various other factors such as guiding the job aspirant with right career path, imparting skills more relevant to the job. Apart from all this, the companies also need to cut down the training costs in order to keep their budget well within their boundaries.

Acquiring the right candidates for entry-level job always remains the competitive aspect amongst the various companies and services. An Industry-ready skilled candidate not only cuts the down the training costs, but also saves the valuable time period spent on training and imparting those skills. There an industry-ready skilled candidate has become the need of the hour.

Most of the companies or services look out for candidates with either process training or skills training. The students who come out of colleges and search for jobs are usually not talented or skilled up to the mark. It is also certain that attrition levels pretty high which are attributed to two major factors. One being that employees find it really hard to cope up with the expectations of company/job demands and so they are eventually forced to leave the job. Second being that employees lack awareness of growth prospects in the organization they worth with.


Basically, education is the key role player in determining a job seeker’s quality. But unfortunately, the education system of India is not up to the mark which is the reason why students who come out of schools and colleges are not well equipped with skills that are pre-requisite for a candidate to be readily absorbed by an organization/company. The reason behind this is that there isn’t good quality in instructors at the colleges, nor is the infrastructure at schools and colleges good enough to impart desired practical knowledge.

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