The Unrevealed Secrets of Ha cki ng and Cr acki ng Book

Prateek-shuklaAuthors :    Prateek Shukla and Navneet Mehra
Book Title :    The Unrevealed Secrets of Hac king and Cr acking
Publisher :   Unicorn Books
Publication Year : India, 2013
Pages :  204
Price : Rs. 250

For a very rare times we see that the experts tend to take out a little from their demanding professions and share their oceanic knowledge with the common public. And it is counted even more fruitful if this effort is woven in the form a full-fledged book.

About the Book:

This book is going to prove a boon and a useful reference tool for all those,

  1. Whose work is in the information security sector
  2. Who are computer users and hold confidential data in their systems;
  3. Who are curious to know more about hacking and incidental facts;
  4. Who wish to pursue a career in the Information Security

The book contains a detailed description of all the issues related to Hacking. However, it nowhere intends to promote hacking. Since, till the time we are not aware about the disease in detail, we cannot think about its causes and preventive measures. The book lays focus on satisfying individual demands and developing sense of examining and understanding hacking, to the extent one can, as the work is equally important as its security. The objective is focused to show the steps to an individual to close all the possibilities of cyber-attacks and protect his system. The book covers all the areas of crypters & binders, cryptography, social engineering, e-mail hacking, web-hacking, wireless security for an organization and other incidental topics.

Before reading this book, I had zero knowledge on what’s Footprinting (the art of gathering information- Pre-attack stage), what are Crypters (free tool/software to hide viruses), Cryptography (protecting information by encoding it into a readable format). But after scanning through the insiders, I came to know about various terms and terminologies used by the service-providers. The language used has been precise, simple and the snaps along with steps clarify the process more.  Every term is explained in a detailed manner, along with the merits, demerits and countermeasures, by providing day-to-day examples like Phishing Attacks, which means, posing as a bank, credit card company, or any other financial undertaking, and confirming some secretive information like bank account numbers, passwords, etc. The book also talks about Social Engineering, which implies an art of misleading someone either on phone or in person, with the intention of breaking certain levels of security. It also talks about protecting various email accounts viz, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail with the help of Spamming. Various chapters provide various safe-links to download the software, and the steps to install software. Never before seen or heard various functions and working areas of Google, Google Tracks & Basic Hacks are also explained informatively. It also provides detail on how Google hacking can help an ethical hacker.

Reaching the end, the book has shown ways of securing wireless network (any type of computer network, not connected by cables). The books talks on dealing with a great level of security for an organization. The chapter also includes various tips for network administration, methods and software used for securing an organization’s network from spam and viruses. It also classifies varied cyber threats and associated case studies and introduces us to various online financial frauds. The book is divided into various chapters, with the index helping to read the book in entirety, or to go through the relative chapters. The summary provided at the end of every chapter precisely adds to the check-points to be kept in mind.

For all the above mentioned points, this book needs to be preserved in every computer user’s shelf and at every organization’s desk.

Note – Our Motive is to Promote Indian Authors who are making us Proud not Hacking.

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