The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy

The secret wish ListThe Secret Wish List

Author : Preeti Shenoy
Publisher : Westland Ltd.
Number of Pages : 260
Price of the Book : Rs. 175/-
Rating : 4.5/5

Preeti Shenoy, has done it yet again, and this time in an even more characteristic and charismatic manner. The most influential style of writing and languor of love in Shenoy’s words come up in a realistic manner this time. Being a fan of Shenoy’s previous writings I was anyways prepared to grab this latest one, but what emphasized and fascinated me more, is the book-jacket that portrays the blue green ocean, with a bottle half buried inside the sand, and a duo walking alongside. No doubt that the author has always been a marvelous story-teller, but still this one remains a special one from the collection all her previous writings.

Does true love really exist?

The thought that rose in mind with the first look at back-cover lines that grabbed most of my attention was how well Shenoy will be able to do justice with something that our today’s generation takes so leniently? And forthcoming with every page turned, we see a journey of a teen age girl, Diksha, who falls in love with her senior, Ankit. And to her shining stars, she gets the same love back. With the passage of time, love creeps in all directions. The turn happened to arrive when the two had been out for a school project for stay and get caught by the school authorities along with the Diksha’s brother, who was supposed to be Ankit’s best buddy. The girl, instead of deriving a warning call and forgiveness from family, was punished by changing the school, and was kept under a severe eye, that only worsened her relations with her parents and brother. Keeping in mind, the heart of Indian women, Diksha is shown to be a loyal daughter, loyal to their punishment and decision of getting married at the teeny age of nineteen.

With the passing of a monotonous marriage, Diksha’s life seems to have experienced a roller coaster ride, where the guilt of not having achieved anything in life yet, except producing and raising a baby as she says, haunts her. With a rigid and extremely introvert husband, Diksha always misses something in life, and that something comes into existence after fifteen years of motherhood and spouseship, where a worthy wife and mushy mother wins, but a sprouting woman loses. Life seems to take another twist, but this time in Diksha’s favor, where she puts down a Secret Wish List on a piece of paper. Along with that Secret Wish List, there is shown birth of an aspiring girl, who was always deprived of teenage fun and affection. The more days pass, the more she discovers her longing for Ankit. Gradually every wish of the list is fulfilled and the protagonist starts living her life. Internet and Social Networking are shown to have played a very optimistic role throughout the book that has made her meet with the lost buddies and along with them, her life.  She begins ticking off every single item from the list, beginning with learning Salsa dance, where her trainer, Gaurav, develops a bond of friendship with her. Time makes her meet Ankit, and fulfill her teenage dreams as well, where the setting sun of story seems to have earned an altogether new sunrise. How she connects with Ankit again, what she does with her unsuccessful marriage, how she leads her life being a mother, what answers she hold for her mother-in-law, society as well as maternal family are the questions for which the book seems to be a must read.

‘Love has no scale for measurement of right or wrong doings,’ that is what the whole story runs around. Though there is shown a woman, who has maintained a list of her dark fantasies, but her soft and swift side too is portrayed very well. Story-telling and experimenting newer writing styles have always been a vital part of Shenoy’s writings. Another applauding effort on the part of the young author have been her love and silent portion towards feminism, that’s very well prudent from every writing she comes up with. Prologue have been the factor that grows curiosity and raises the thirst to finish off this book in one single go. And Epilogue remains the factor that wraps up the entire story neatly. The book ends up with an optimistic note, where every character seems to have justified and played their parts well.

In a way, this book is whispering Do what your heart desires. And this is what that cheerily plays all around the book. A person, who’s himself/herself not happy, can never be able to keep someone else happy. Happiness grows from seeing the people around you happy and contented. It doesn’t come from some other body, it comes from your within. With so many silent messages is this book filled with, that one can encounter while walking through lanes of this book. Descriptions have been lively and enjoyable all over. We always get to hear that everything is fair in love, but after reading this piece of art, you’ll definitely start believing the saying. Characters description and plots have been kept clean and furious, playing their roles and moving ahead, evading not-so-required hyper exaggeration. Lower number of characters gives a full room towards laying emphasis on expressions and place description.

Now, if given a chance to open up the strings and suggest a little bit changes to the author, then I would like to pin-point the several comparisons done by Diksha in between the story between her lover and husband, at certain places, where it would have played even more romantic to keep the intimate moments between Ankit and her only. The comparisons made between the two lead to losing the grip of fantasy that would have been more intense, had the comparisons portion being cropped. This takes away the 0.5 from the book rating. On the whole, we would suggest, Go for ‘The Secret Wish List.’

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