The Promise by Nikita Singh

The Promise

The Promise

Title of the Book : The Promise
Author of the Book :    Nikita Singh
Name of the Publisher :    Grapevine India
Place & Year of Publication :    India, 2013
Number of Pages :    237
Price :  Rs 100
Rating : 4/5

THE PROMISE’ keeps its promise of providing the readers a new and a page-turner story!

The Promise keeps its promise of providing the readers an altogether new and refreshing story at the beginning of the year. It remains suggested to the readers looking for some light fictional romantic love story. The tale also highlights some modern day relationships of children with their parents. The story and its fictional characters deserve the charm and characterization they are framed in. On the whole, the book remains a worth-preserving fiction in one’s shelf.

Plot Summary:

The story marks its beginning in Indore, where the protagonist, Shambhavi, is getting ready for seeing off her best friend’s, Mili’s, beau. The beginning is kept a little off-node giving a zero idea of who’s going to be the lead of the story. With various tit-bits and friendly discussions, story moves ahead introducing Shambhavi’s father, who was given the statement by the doctor, that he possessed brain tumor, a Pituitary Adenoma. With a non-stable and childish heart, she had given a try at almost everything under the stars, making the same up as her career option, be it, painting, dancing, singing, playing guitar, photography, etc. But time finally settled her on choosing Interior Designing as her Bread & Butter. She was turning serious regarding the same and had even thought of it as her life-long source of income.

The curl in her straight life happened to be with her permanent career option, where she unintentionally falls for big Mr. Arjun Datta, the man behind the flourished DATTA ENTERPRISES. Arjun was shown to be the angry-young man, the perfect prince that every girl would die having with her. He was an age-old mature than his age, having experienced poverty, starvation, betrayal at his teen age. The two swirl up working in a common project, where the strings of destiny tie both of them in a single knot. It was only when the two shared a skin-to-skin junction when his past falls heavily on their present, turning their future to an unimaginable sky. Story moves ahead with a filmy touch for the Shambhavi getting pregnant, the time she gets abandoned by Arjun, the drama and emotions giving birth to situations. Beautifully described relations and situations tackled with her ill father and the life inside her. The way the story ends is a real topsy-turvy that deserves to be kept wrapped in order to make the reader lay hands on this book.

The Verdict:

The title and the book-shell definitely compliment one another, but both have a little unseen relation with the story and its characters. Besides, the manner in which the characters and events are described is worth a round of applause. Incidents seem untold and unheard. The other beautiful attribute of the book is the way conversations are kept neat and crisp. Nowhere will the reader feel an over-exaggeration of work, except the end where certain expressions and emotions are repeated for a little more than required times. The story is indeed a page-turner, but not exclusive and exquisite. The rash of emotions makes it a serious work, less of humorous. The events described are lively, to make the reader feel everything happening right infront of their eyes. The one-liners formed are witty. The different attribute of the book lies in the quotes presented by Nikita Singh before the beginning of every chapter. The new thing to be noted was the way HE, SHE portions are shown. Emotional areas are used absolutely great, but happy moments are not laid much emphasis on, giving the reader hardly some instances to smile. The manner of showing a parent-child relationship is kept a way too casual that sounds cheesy at times. Throughout the book, the satisfaction yet remains somewhat unsatisfied. And the book could have been taken a step more ahead with a little more effort on the end, for it remained in a way a slightly unreal.

On the whole, the story remains impactful, untold and unheard, that is bound to leave an impact on the heart of reader. It may also get chosen for an emotional-saga kinda movie. The book is rated top amongst all the writings by Nikita Singh and is counted as worth preserving in shelf. This ‘ocean of emotions’ deserves a 4/5.

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