Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts Book Review

 Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts by Amrita Anand Nayak

Author : Amrita Anand Nayak

Title of the Book : Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts

Name of the Publisher : General Press

Place & Year of Publication : India, 2012

Number of Pages : 184

Price : 125

Rating : 4.5/5

After a longer era of books with the base as Fiction- Contemporary women, we find ‘Polka Dots…..’ as one of the books, which remains suggested to all the major and minor aged readers, looking for a fiction read that contains a blend of human emotions with respect to family, friends, relationships, with the roller-coaster rides in life as well . The book jacket and the title complete the girlish touch to the entire idea behind the book that the reader might realize after finishing the reading in entirety. From emotions to events to characters to scenes, all the things have been picture-perfect throughout.

Plot Summary:

Plot rotates around three girls, as urban and modern-day protagonists – Leena, Tia and Jasmine. The three froomies (friends-cum-roomies) shared an apartment, along with their joys and sorrows. All the three individually and collectively face the various in-face twists that their life bestows them with.

Leena, the pony-tailed trademarker, with her school-chickish fascinating and mischievous looks, was a complete daddy’s girl, with her love for her dad and endless support to him.. The young protagonist sinks as a prey to Love @ workplace, falling for a married man, where the story goes forward too, but eventually she ends up deciding to get away from him, by a resignation letter. Later, the same again falls in for a guy, unknowingly ending up once again with Love @ workplace, which she considers as a second failure and concludes to carry on the friendship, keeping love aside. The real and eye-opening twist was laid at the end, where she ends up finding a true-love to spend her lifetime with.

Tia, Miss. Goody-goody girl, who was the chef and tea-maker at house, was the soft-spoken, genuine, affectionate, and many such adjectives that completed her absolute gentleness. She loved reading and had a charming sense at fashion, who mainly kept awed by the polka dots. She was the most reserved and unsociable girl at house. She falls in for one of her friends’ mate, and the love story is completed with the boy too falling in love with her. But the real twist marks in when they face problems with their families due to varied castes. They take a decision, and are delighted by all, where the point comes in the circle, where all goes well at the end.

Jasmine, last but the least, the playgirl at house, was caught into various flings, flicks, infatuations and LOVE. She was meant to complete trio by adorning absolute shades of purple pouts. Despite her friendly, lovable and girlish charm, she was caught into the various fling experiences at her age, running away and ending the same was responsible for a subtle humor in the book. She had her own share of love failure and life faux pas. She was the one to deal with the miserable phases of life, which would have been not possible without the support of her family and friends.

The End was an absolute unexpected and the best it could ever have, leaving all the characters and events justified with the manner in which they began. The end was something that would be responsible for the smiling face of reader closing the book.

The Verdict:

Beginning with the cover jacket, rich and classic-chosen enough, it catches all the attention, forcing the reader to buy the book and have a glance through the insiders. The title along with the cover is expressive enough to give the gist of story being based on modern-day women. The same serves the rich taste of writer as well as reader. The basic and attractive attribute of the book has been the story-telling as well as character-description. The part and flip-by-flip story narration keeps the reader away from feeling the book going monotonous anyway. It keeps the attention engrossed and caught leaving the reader to wonder what happens next. Exaggeration has been evaded to a greater scope, thus making the book a fast and crisp read all throughout. It has portrayed a greater potential in connecting with that of masses. One another catchy effect that author showcases is the varied spicy Indian cultures and backgrounds therein. All the tastes and preferences of several corners are presented at their best and sky-reaching levels. The events picturisation has been such that the reader feels the portions taking grounds right infront of their eyes.

So, with all the above mentioned features, the book stands out of rest and counts itself as definitely a must-read for youth as well as adults. It contains an essence in which the reader will definitely be able to connect themselves at some point or the other. We count it as ‘Bang-for-the-buck’ rating it with 4.5/5.

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  1. I agree with Sneha…awesome book…must read…..

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