Flirting with Fate by Preeti Singh

Flirting With Fate

Flirting With Fate

Book Title:   Flirting with Fate
Author:    Preeti Singh
Name of Publication    Mahaveer Publishers
Number of Pages  :   248
Price of the book :   Rs 150
Rating    4/5

Lesser witnessed about Indian authors weaving the full-fledged journey of a human being in the form of a book. A book, whose contents mark from all the negative secrets to positive acts, from immaterial values to material facts. A book which contains a number of smaller events and happenings in a life, which give rise to a number of stories, things that we experience and learn either from our life, or from the beings around us. Generally speaking, when a book unfolds a journey of life to death, it arrives to nail its existence and mark history, the same proving to be ‘Bang for the Buck’ to audiences as well.

The book portrays story of an abandoned male infant, who was left at the doorstep of Palash, an adoption home run by Mr. Gonsalves in the outskirts of Shimla. As the cute little fair child grew, his crave to acquire the elite, what nature had not bestowed with, grew. But in order to live those white-creamy dreams, Anand crosses all the darker and negative paths visible to him. Little had he realized that the acts done in private and away from everyone’s eyes doesn’t erase the accounts of Karma, and the same may cost him life, he would have lived a life away from negativity. The series of events in his life made him to lose the difference between moral and immoral acts, thus defeating the values inculcated by Palash inside him. For all the stolen objects he owned, he was left with nothing at the end. For all the lives he took in order to clear up his ways, he paid by losing his dear ones. And, for all the women he dominated and used that crossed his path, he paid by leading a life deprived of love and affection. For the way he flirted with fate, and the way fate returned back the favor in face, this book becomes an ideal read.

This book showcases the negative side of human heart, as much it poses the positive side. Betrayal is shown along with loyalty, taking revenge is shown along with forgiving, and love is shown along with lust. It shows for how a human heart opens up when alone and pays for the same, under the same sun. This is where Karma (Deeds) play their part. The characterization and description is kept utmost expressive. Besides, an author is known to have done justice to fiction only when they do equal justice to all the characters (Male or Female.) The character of Anand is being portrayed and lived challengingly by Preeti Singh. And, along with the same, she has provided required grace and elegance to the female characters of Sunita, Jenny, Ananya, Gauri, Miss. Joseph, Binaifer. The show-stealer has been Fluffy, Mr. Gonsalves pet dog. The observations he made and the signs he marked, gets him the tag of being the second lead of the book. The subtle humor of the book has been the job of Fluffy. This is something that can be counted as very creative and constructive part of the book.

Beginning with screeches of an infant and ending with peace at Palash are the parts presented which erase the need of Prologue and Epilogue. And between these parts is a tale of love, lust, revenge and rivalry. It also covers a silent story of a girl, who turns into a woman and then mother. The transformations happen to occur with her various emotions that get churned up with time, from love to hate. The book talks on woman-power. Preeti Singh shows for how if a woman can show courage to take in betrayal, rape, serial lies, suppressed emotions, male dominance in the name of love; then she can also make someone pay for it all.

Now, if given a chance to open up certain areas of the book and rewrite them, then I would like to get in control Anand’s anger, which is shown at such a raw-age. His desires to take revenge in the form of murders kill the innocence of a beautiful child. However, if continued with flow, the rash of emotions, already poured by the author is enough to keep the reader off from the idea of innocence. The book tastes away from the rest and definitely deserves a must-read tag.

The three factors that made Flirting with Fate a special one in my shelf are-

1. The cover-jacket, which seeks attention with its various contents viz, the font and colour of the title, background with Indian currency, blood stains on a rough-dry patch, and the hand gesture that symbolizes the words, “It’s all the matter of deeds, that time will reveal;”
2. The tag-line Karma Always Returns. The word ‘Karma’ is always known to be associated with a number of positive as well as negative stories of life. And, when it returns, it makes the story all the way meaningful, teaching a lesson to its readers.
3. A series of preaching that this book contains via a number of events and human reactions to various situations that nature leave him amidst. Destiny is known to put us in difficult situations, but it is absolutely our choice, whether to take them positively and move on, or to mark them negative and continue committing sins one after another. This book throws rays on certain of such events and the consequences of human reactions towards the same.

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  1. Sneha sachdev, its very informative and potential review. I learnt, here some thing is different which click me highly. its proud to us.

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