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INDIA, one of the oldest nations of the world, is rich in culture and heritage. The Country has witnessed straddling a period of more than 4000 years, blending of several customs and traditions. India is known for its ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY.’ It is Nation that respects all religions, cultures and traditions. It is a matter of pride to be called as INDIAN. The expression not only depicts our nationality but also gives us our identity, describes our customs, our ethnicity, our ancestors and will continue to describe our future generations as well.

However, are we really Proud to be an Indian? If yes, then what are we doing for our nation? Just blaming others for the condition of our country, going to help the country recover? We need to bring up solutions for the problems rather than discussing the issues. Holding others responsible will not help our nation progress instead it is our responsibility to take a step forward by thinking intellectually and using our knowledge and skills in order to build a better INDIA.

Proud2bindian is a platform where all the Indians as well as people in and around the World are welcomed to share their views and discuss any ongoing issues as well as current affairs on India and also put forward solutions for resolving the problems. The motive behind Proud2bindian is to amalgamate the Indians and awaken the feeling of patriotism veiled deep inside our heart. We wish to instigate the feeling of National Pride amidst the heart of every Indian living in India and abroad.

How Proud2bindian Works:

Internet and social networking have turn out to be powerful tools in bringing about change in the society. Our work is to assimilate the power of internet with people who the intent to bring about the righteous changes in our society. At proud2bindian you not only get to talk about patriotic subjects, but also other current affairs of India. We seek active participation from all the sections of society to take pride in being Indian and knowing more about our very own country India.

The Proud2bindian fraternity respects all Religions, Customs, Traditions and Cultures and welcomes every INDIAN to join us and contribute to our fraternity.


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    In the path of development of india , if my life is needed I am ready!! ….ARE YOU???

    Jai hind & satya meway jayate

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Proud2BIndian is a Non-political patriotic Group dedicated to the Promotion of Nationalism in India.

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